About us

Nyxon Haircare and grooming products have been developed to the highest standards, utilizing the expertise and knowledge gained from years of experience as hairdressers and pharmacists.

Quick and Easy

Nyxon Haircare products ship directly to your door with shipping at no extra cost. We have a full range of Professional hair dressing equipment for Setting up Salons and for mobile hairdressers.

Bump Control

Our full range is created for all hair types and skin types.

Nyxon Bump Control is made with aloe vera and tea tree oil; this solution targets stubborn razor bumps and minor irritation in a soft and caring way


Nyxon is out there,

The Nyxon Solution.

Razor burn

Razor burn and the resulting bumps on the legs, and particularly the face, itching, burning, can make shaving difficult.


With regular use Nyxon Bump Control can kill bacteria and help heal and improve the condition of the skin.

Long-term relief

Nyxon Bump Control offers relief from razor burn and other forms of skin eruptions.

Problem solved!

Nyxon Bump Control can bring relief to all types of skin conditions brought on by shaving and hair removal.